Allergen Declaration

More and more people have developed food allergies in Europe in recent years. That is why the European Union has introduced a law for this, starting from December 2014. It states that all food providers must provide allergen information about their products.

The consumer must be provided with sufficient information about the presence of allergens. This applies to pre-packaged products (via the label), but also to non-pre-packaged products.

Course Content

 Online Training Allergen declaration |Only € 49,-
GoalYou will know how the allergen declaration works, how it must be applied in practice and what you must do.
For whom? For employees who have not previously obtained the Allergen Declaration Certificate and are going to work for an organization that produces, distributes, processes or serves food in the hospitality industry.
Course packageOnline training with the final test
Course levelfrom MBO
Course durationApprox. 2 and a half hours
Online theory

With this online training you will learn everything you need to know about allergen calculation and its practical implementations.

The training consists of:

  • 3 online modules, including practuce tests for each one
  • Online refernce work
  • Online final test

The training consists of the following modules:

  • What is an allergen declaration?
  • The allergens
  • Working with allergens
Digital workDuring the digital course you will have access to the digital handbook with all the guidelines and exam material.
Online testAfter the training modules, the course is concluded with a final test.
ResultsThe result is visible immediately after the completion of the final test.
CertificateAfter you have successfully completed the final test, you will receive the digital certificate as a PDF document in “My profile”. You can download and print it directly.
Dutch only
Price €49,- ex BTW