Our ISMS is ISO 27001 certified

We are proud to announce that our Information Security Management System, or an information security management system, was ISO 27001 certified on 8 June 2018. DigiTrust has carried out our certification. With this ISO 27001 certification we successfully complete our ISO implementation method.

Yvonne Loef, director of PlusPort: “we are extremely proud of this milestone! The ISO 27001 certificate will soon be on the wall, in addition to our NRTO recognition that we have had for some time. These certifications confirm our level of quality and safety. Of course our current customers are very happy with that! “.

WHY ISO 27001?

With the current GDPR – AVG legislation, it is very important for PlusPort as LMS and e-learning developer to be ISO 27001 certified. We process a lot of company and personal data and have been ensuring that this is done securely and stably for years. We deliver our services to all customers worldwide under a strict Service Level Agreement. With ISO 27001, we demonstrate that we have taken all precautionary measures and minimize any risks.

The ISO 27001 standard contains a large number of rules and instructions under ISO 27002 that guarantee the Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality of information. The standard is strongly focused on continuous improvement. The SafetyPort software provides maximum support to realize these improvements every day. Topics include:

  • Secure and planned development and release management
  • Systematic and stable management
  • Safe staff and strict access security
  • Internal audits and inspections
  • Information security at our suppliers
  • Incident management with corrective and preventive improvements
  • Compliance with legislation such as the AVG – GDPR

ISO 27001: PlusPort Scope and Declaration of Applicability

“PlusPort is ISO 27001 certified for all its business activities. With this full certification, PlusPort sends a powerful signal that all our systems, processes and services meet the set standards. Information security and quality of our services are in our DNA ”, said Martijn Verhulst, Security Officer at PlusPort.

The scope (scope) of the PlusPort certification is as follows:
“The development, implementation and management of the LMS Academy SaaS platform, the development of customized Learning Content and the development and distribution of standard Learning Content via the LMS Academy SaaS platform.”

“In addition to the scope, the Declaration of Applicability of the certification is essential for the value of an ISO 27001 certificate,” emphasizes Ron Bruijn, director at PlusPort. “We have not included any exclusions in this Statement. Our complete selection and implementation of risk-reducing measures is described in our Statement of Applicability, version 1.0, which dates from 1 May 2018. ”

Want to know more?
Do you want more information? Or do you have questions about our certification, scope or Declaration of Applicability? Please contact us via 070-3229090, via customersupport@plusport.com or via one of your direct contacts. We are happy to tell you more about it!