New e-learning modules nursing protocol

The first VTH e-learning packages will be rolled out as of January 1, 2020. The modules have been tested by two customers who now use the old modules. And they are enthusiastic, partly because a lot of extras are offered such as video material, quick reference cards and a library, which can be used internally in the practical workshop! Each module concludes with a test.
In addition to a basic module where generic information can be found, fourteen modules have been developed. PlusPort maintains these modules on a quarterly basis and therefore also has access to the Vilans KICK protocols. We will start in January 2020 with other generic actions such as lifting patients training and bed changing.
Every quarter the 14 modules are run through for possible changes. PlusPort also has access to the Vilans KICK protocols for this.

Practical workshops

The modules provide a good basis in knowledge and understanding of nursing technical protocol and procedures. As an organization you can of course provide your own practical workshops. You can also arrange this via PlusPort. PlusPort has a close collaboration with the Training Center in Leiden. The Training Center is accredited and provides practical tests at every level for both private groups and individual participants. The Training Center has the expertise, the spaces and a very extensive range of materials to utilize insuring top quality preparation.

Add PE points

Our existing modules are accredited by V&VN. Of course, this accreditation also applies to our new modules. Most modules are developed in such a way that they yield 2 points instead of 1. Does your organization work with the PlusPort Academy? The automatic linking can then be provided from the academy.
Do you want to view our modules or do you want an appointment? Call us on +31 (0)70-3229090, send an email or request a quotation.