Measures Visma related to coronavirus

PlusPort takes the concerns about the corona virus seriously and is committed to protecting its customers, partners and employees. We closely monitor the state of affairs and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

We have also updated our internal guidelines to minimize the spread of the virus. For example:

  • Business travel is kept to a minimum for our employees and meetings should instead be held online whenever possible.
  • Business travel to risk areas is not allowed.
    Internal events and larger meetings that are not necessary will be moved to a later date or held online.
  • Employees who have returned from traveling in a risk area, or who have had contact with someone who has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus, must remain at home for 14 days regardless of any symptoms.
  • In addition, all employees are informed about the spread of the virus and the importance of good hand hygiene.

If our customers have imposed restrictions that affect the ability to deliver our products and services, we will of course take this into account.

PlusPort works in a solution-oriented way to guarantee a safe and stable delivery of our products and services in the future. If you as a customer have questions about an ongoing delivery of PlusPort, we recommend that you contact us directly.

Preventing the spread of a virus in a society is a task for everyone who lives and works in that community. As a large company, Visma has routines, guidelines, plans and already formed groups to deal with a possible crisis situation.

This text is constantly updated if necessary.