Make your employees aware of the AVG that starts May 25, 2018!

In a few days it’s time. The long-awaited General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) comes into effect.

“It is important to properly inform your employees because most data breaches still happen through human actions”

(Source: Management Team,

PlusPort helps you with the updated Data Security Awareness training. The training consists of three modules.

Module 1 and 2 for employees and supplementary module 3 for managers.

Module 1: Safe handling of information

  • This concerns both the security of company information and personal data. Clear screen, passwords, visitors, social media, phishing, sharing information etc.

Module 2: The AVG (in a nutshell)

  • Is about what the AVG is about, concepts, rights and obligations etc.

Module 3: The data breach reporting obligation

  • This is a module for managers.

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