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Thursday 7 February everything was arranged to perfection for a beautiful PlusPort Pierevent. There was no wind force 12 like last year. There were again fantastic speakers who we would like to thank: Michiel Stadhouders from Ymere, Peter Steenkamer from Waternet and  Joska Dekker from Rijk Zwaan. In addition, Rebecca Sies from RadarVertige, who got us moving as a living orchestra.

Jort kelder Ron Bruijn PlusPortt

There was a large number of participants. We had Jort Kelder as a guest who smiled at the audience and the speakers. PlusPort has also shown its latest developments in the field of academy software, training, the online security game and virtual reality.

Jort Kelder had beautiful, sharp urgent questions for every speaker and also shared his knowledge with all of us.

PlusPort netwerk event

In addition to the Pierevent being a network event, we all have learned a lot again how learning and development work in practice.

After this it was of course plenty of time again for networking, snacks and drinks and our participants were able to ride the Ferris wheel again.

Jort, speakers and participants, thank you for your participation! You have made it an unforgettable day for PlusPort.

PlusPort netwerken

Download the presentations here (Note: these are heavy files. Keep this in mind if you are on your data connection):

Ymere (PowerPoint 28MB)
Waternet (Video 284MB)
RijkZwaan (PowerPoint 16MB)
RijkZwaan (Video 123MB)
PlusPort (PowerPoint 4MB)
PlusPort vormgeving 2019 (pdf 8MB)