Fire manager and clearance system

The fact that fire remains a very relevant topic is proven time and time again by the frequency of fires, even last year alone: ​​fire in a bed shop (18-02-2018), fire in the port of Rotterdam (20-04-2018), fire at a healthcare institution (24-04-2018) etc. etc.

What is less known, but no less important, is that it is included in the Building Decree that you must have a fire alarm system, you also need a Fire Alarm and Evacuation System Manager in accordance with the NEN 2654 standard.

In collaboration with Dräger, PlusPort has developed the Head of Fire & Evacuation Alarm System training (BBMI-OAI). The training is concluded with the nationally recognized NIBHV exam.

Contents of the training include;

  • The legal basis
  • The components and technology of both the fire alarm and the evacuation alarm system,
  • The role of the manager and the periodic work by the manager.


Operating the specific installations is not part of this training.

The training consists of an e-learning, a classroom day including lunch at Dräger, the NIBHV book ‘ Fire Alarm and Evacuation System Manager’ and the NIBHV exam for € 225.

(2-day full-class training also possible for € 395,).