Data Protection Day

Today, January 28, is worldwide  Data Protection Day (outside of Europe this day is called Data Privacy Day). The Council of Europe started this initiative in 2006 to raise awareness about the theme of data security. This date has significance because on this day in 1981 the first modern privacy treaty in Europe was signed.

The AVG entered into force in Europe in 2018. As a result, the subject suddenly received a lot of extra attention, while the Personal Data Protection Act already contained many of the rules that have now been applied since 2000. An organization that has leaked or lost personal data has now become a matter of daily news. With the AVG (or GDPR) currently being enforced, hefty fines are being imposed. The largest, so far, is the French fine for Google; € 50 million. But small businesses also receive fines. The incorrect usage of a photo on Facebook or incorrect placement of security cameras, potentially lead to fines.

Most companies take measures, in their work processes, for example we all know the processor agreements. Systems are also becoming better protected. But an important weakness is and remains human action.

Being aware of the rules and risks is more important than ever. No matter how many processes, systems and rules there are, if employees are not aware of them, they don’t help.

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